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Storage Tips

  • Label your boxes for easy locating
  • Read your Rental Agreement
  • Insure your goods - if it's worth storing, it's worth insuring!
  • Keep heavier boxes on the bottom
  • Use smaller boxes for books and heavy objects
  • Put the items you need the least in the back of the unit to keep room in the front for things you may want to get at later
  • Leave an aisle or walkway for easy access to all your items
  • Use freestanding shelving to help keep things organized
  • Wrap pictures, mirrors and framed items with paper or bubble wrap and mark as FRAGILE. Never store these items flat.
  • Cover furniture and mattresses for protection. Use pallets or cardboard to keep these items off the floor.
  • Store mattresses flat to prevent them from bending out of shape
  • Don't forget to use furniture drawers to store items- linens, clothes, blankets, silverware and small items.
  • Remove the legs from tables to make more room
  • DO NOT store cash, jewelry, furs, sentimental or irreplaceable items
  • DO NOT store hazardous or dangerous materials, food or perishable items
  • Be aware of property access hours and posted signage

Report any unusual activity or potential problems to the staff immediately

If you have any questions or need assistance, your Sir Stor-A-Lot staff can help with everything from the packing supplies you need to finding a good pizza on moving day!

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